Hello From Everyone at Bridgeport Equipment!

**New as of 2017!**

We the end of 2016 comes the end of an era. We are excited and sad to announce Donna Mueller's retirement from Bridgeport Equipment. She and Scott Mueller pass Bridgeport Equipment to their niece Catherine Eisenbrown as of January 1st, 2017. After 20+ years serving the canine community Donna is pleased to hand the company over to another family member. Catherine has been with the company since the fall of 2015 and loves coming to work everyday. We look forward to developing some new products and look forward to and suggestions or input anyone may have!

A little background on Bridgeport Equipment for those of you who are new to us. Bridgeport Equipment was founded by my uncle, Scott Mueller, in 1993. Many of you already know Scott as the founder of National K-9 and the National K-9 School for Dog Trainers in Columbus, Ohio. Scott felt a need for quality dog training equipment for his students and customers at
reasonable prices, so he enlisted Donna, and together they grew the small "word
of mouth" company of "Trainers Choice" to what is now Bridgeport K9 Equipment. Over the years, we have added many products to our catalog
and we have expanded worldwide on the web. Quality products and excellent customer service have always been extremely important to us and will continue to be! We appreciate your comments and suggestions. Thank you all for your continued confidence in us!

Our leather products are handcrafted from selected quality hides, which are tanned using natural vegetable extracts.

This type of tanning produces better quality leather than chrome tanning. It is also 100% environmentally safe. The result is leather that feels, looks and performs better than any we’ve ever used! All of our leather products are produced and handcrafted in the U.S.A.

We have a variety of leather types and colors available. Our most popular is the latigo leather. Latigo is soft and flexible - perfect for obedience leashes. It is available in burgundy and black. You will notice some stretch over time. An extra heavy latigo is used to make our harnesses, pro leashes, and police K-9 leashes.

Also quite popular, is our harness leather. This leather is a little bit heavier and leashes tend to be a bit stiffer, but soften with use. The color of harness leather tends to vary from very light tan to a deeper tan, and does darken some with time. Some leashes and all of the harnesses are available in this leather.

Lastly, is the English bridle leather. It is a rich, dark brown and is comparable in thickness and weight to the harness leather. Many of our leashes and harnesses are made from this leather.
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